IT Advisory

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We strive to deliver a measurable, lasting impact with our IT advisory services. Namely, we help our clients bridge the gap between technical and business strategy to drive optimal results. In many cases, we also optimize the technology and processes used for the planning, development, and delivery of software to improve business outcomes.


We examine your work processes and technology choices, identifying problems and bottlenecks.


We create an actionable plan to help you resolve issues and re-architect where needed.


Our consultants engineers implement the necessary changes and initiatives.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services
Leverage our cloud consulting services to develop and implement a robust cloud strategy in line with your business objectives. YSMZ Consulting is here to guide you along the right pathway to the cloud.
Tailored cloud strategy
YSMZ Consulting specializes in working closely with your organization to ensure that your architectural and technical solutions perfectly align with your desired business outcomes. Through our tailored cloud strategy, we provide comprehensive guidance and support, guaranteeing that your technology infrastructure is optimized for success. Trust our expertise to deliver the perfect synergy between your business goals and innovative technical solutions.
Risk mitigation
Leverage the expertise of YSMZ Consulting’s cloud consulting services to identify vulnerabilities and develop effective strategies to eliminate them. Maximize risk mitigation with our comprehensive approach, ensuring a secure and resilient cloud environment for your business.
In-depth expertise

Our extensive expertise in cloud migration, optimization, and cloud-native development ensures a successful outcome for your projects.

Cost savings

We are your go-to companion in cloud consulting and application development, is dedicated to optimizing your journey in the cloud. We specialize in crafting seamless strategies for migration and cutting-edge cloud-native development, ensuring unparalleled performance and availability, all while minimizing costs. Partner with us to explore cost-effective solutions for your cloud needs.

Cloud security & cyber defense

Our consulting company helps implement automatic identification of security issues and then resolve them in the most appropriate way.

Infrastructure management consulting

Assessing the existing IT infrastructure components
YSMZ Consulting specializes in assessing your existing IT infrastructure components and software to identify any issues that may be impacting performance, including slow performance, unused cloud resources, or potential security vulnerabilities. Trust our expertise to evaluate and optimize your IT system for enhanced efficiency and security.
Analyzing infrastructure management policies and processes and defining their weaknesses

Improve your infrastructure management through effective policies and processes. Our analysis identifies weaknesses and helps implement more efficient approaches to address them.

Setting improvement objectives
Setting improvement objectives is a crucial part of YSMZ Consulting. By identifying areas that need improvement, defining clear and measurable objectives, and developing a plan to achieve those objectives, we facilitate continuous improvement that drives progress and innovation within your organization.
Designing a new infrastructure or its components

We specialize in designing and creating plans for new systems and their components. Our expert consultants carefully consider the topology, hardware, and functionality of the infrastructure to tailor it to specific needs and requirements.

Creating new infrastructure management policies and processes

We will develop new policies and procedures for managing systems and resources, such as network capacity, backup scheduling etc.

Selecting new technologies
YSMZ Consulting excels in the selection and implementation of cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our proficient expertise lies in crafting precise and seamless instructions that effortlessly guide you through the setup and integration of these solutions with your existing systems. Entrust us to navigate the complexities and maximize the potential of your valuable technology investments.

Incident management consulting

Evaluating the current incident management practices

We will evaluate the current incident management practices, assessing and testing existing methods, procedures, and tools. Our goal is to identify areas that can be enhanced or improved, ensuring a more effective approach to handling incidents.

Evaluation of the efficiency of the incident management team

By evaluating the efficiency of the incident management team we will suggest improvements to the team’s structure and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess their effectiveness and the processes they currently employ.

Devise a security incident management plan

Devise a security incident management plan by creating a detailed strategy for preventing, detecting, and responding to security incidents. The plan outlines the necessary steps to take in the event of a security breach, including assigning responsibility for handling the incident, communicating with stakeholders, and minimizing the impact of the incident. It also includes protocols for reporting and documenting security incidents, as well as procedures for analyzing and learning from past incidents to enhance future security measures.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cloud Security

We assist you in comprehending, tackling, and proactively managing the risks involved in operating your business securely in the cloud.

Data Protection
At YSMZ Consulting, we safeguard your business value by ensuring the security of confidential information while evaluating and upholding adherence to regulatory and contractual obligations. Our expertise lies in data protection, making sure that sensitive data remains protected while simultaneously maintaining compliance.
Attack and Penetration
YSMZ Consulting helps safeguard your vital assets and data by uncovering vulnerabilities and offering practical solutions. Our expertise extends to all aspects of applications, infrastructure, databases, IoT, and mobile apps, whether on-premise or in the cloud. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your systems are more secure.
Digital Identity
YSMZ Consulting streamlines identity and privileged access management, minimizing risk and empowering trusted users to securely connect to sensitive resources, no matter where they are located.
Cyber defence and Cyber Resillence
YSMZ Consulting specializes in assisting you with preparation, response, and recovery from security incidents. Our expert guidance helps you navigate through incidents, ensuring you can avoid costly pitfalls and swiftly restore normalcy. With a focus on cybersecurity defense and resilience, YSMZ Consulting is your trusted partner for safeguarding your digital assets.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Strategy
Unleash the potential of your business with YSMZ Consulting. Discover new growth strategies and innovative business models through automation and digital agility. With our expertise in technology and business operations, combined with deep customer and data knowledge, we help you architect for intelligent growth.
Business Innovation
YSMZ Consulting specializes in helping businesses evolve and sustain versatility through the art of right-brained imaginative thinking. We understand that mastering this skill can be challenging, which is why we are here to assist you. Our team is dedicated to establishing and nurturing innovation mindsets and operational rhythms through targeted experiments and end-to-end programs. Join us on this journey towards unlocking your full creative potential.
Digital Product Optimisation
YSMZ Consulting: Building on customer research and data-driven decisions, we specialize in designing and powering customer-centric experiences using technology. Our comprehensive services include planning, design, prototyping, proof of concept, testing, and product management. We are here to support you in growing and scaling your business. Partner with us for digital product optimization.
Accelerate Marketing & Sales
Accelerate Marketing & Sales with YSMZ Consulting. Break down the barriers that hinder your business’s growth. Our expertise lies in helping you navigate the sales, service, and marketing trifecta and develop a deep understanding of customer behavior. This knowledge quickly translates into valuable insights, higher conversion rates, and unwavering customer loyalty.
Insights & Performance Measurement

Data is essential to every organization as it reveals what people did and when. At YSMZ Consulting, we help you uncover and connect critical insights crucial for making business decisions and enabling operations at the necessary speed to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Digital Technologies

We harmonize customer and employee interactions across platforms, channels, and operations. By leveraging the power of data and innovative technologies, we orchestrate seamless experiences in the cloud.

Technology Strategy

It is evident that technology plays a crucial role in the success of every company. We offer valuable IT processes and infrastructure solutions that empower businesses to navigate these challenges effectively. Discover how our comprehensive technology strategies can drive your company forward.

IT Operations Transformation

Modernizing IT operations can lead to reduced costs and increased efficiency and agility in IT services. We specialize in technology transformation services that refine the approach to service delivery, deployment, and support. Learn how our expertise can revolutionize your IT operations.

Technology Risk Management

As organizations adopt new technologies, the risk and exposure also increase.  Our solutions enhance control over IT systems, individuals, and processes, minimizing costs and risks. Gain greater agility in navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape with our comprehensive technology risk services.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

As technology rapidly evolves and digital adoption accelerates, businesses face the challenge of transforming risk into an advantage. At YSMZ Consulting, we provide next-gen cybersecurity and data privacy solutions that safeguard every layer, empowering you to seize new opportunities and fortify your organization.